Answer: Yes, even I can't read your conversations, no matter how hard I try...

The safest way of online chatting.

ChatCrypt performs a military-class AES-256 CTR encryption on chat messages,
thus no one can read them except the participants who knows the same secret password.

Upon receiving a lot of request, an initial embeddable version of the secure chat has been created. It can be easily included on any website, requires just one line of html code. Currently it uses the very popular 468x60 pixel "banner format" to made the implementation even more simple. Some time there will be other formats and customization options too. Note that it contains only the required html form fields and scripts to start or join a conversation, there is no additional information displayed about the usage nor concept, the site owner have to take care about this (feel free to copy any text from the these pages).

Embed code

<iframe src="" width="468" height="60" frameborder="0"></iframe>

The result will look and feel the same as below:

It is possible to make the room name mandatory via adding the ?room=roomname parameter after the iframe.php filename inside the src attribute of the iframe tag. When the code has been included make sure that the visitors are informed properly about the usage of the chat, since it does not behave like conventional ones.


Using the embeddable version of ChatCrypt is prohibited on any website that does not comply with Google's AdSense content policies. Sites violating this rule will be instantly and permanently banned from this service without any prior notification.